Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A quick note

You may have noticed I have backed off the teacher talk on twitter, my WATS tumblr and this blog, lately. I have decided that I need to give it some space, the past year has been crazy and busy and I am finding I need room to breathe. I will, of course, write a post if I find it burning inside of me to get out, but I am taking a bit of a break. My twitter and tumblr will still have some posts regarding the bced stuff and, of course, indigenous issues in general, but I need to breathe and I need to find my way back into this in a balanced way. As a result, I have also just started enjoying Twitter and tumblr a little bit, indulging some of my nerdier passions, if you will.

I hope that in 2012, the discourse around Aboriginal Education does happen in a positive and respectful manner. It is long overdue, particularly in the public education system, as the Focus nationally is currently focusing on the dire needs in First Nations schools (as it should be). I hope we don't forget the many Aboriginal students in the public system, as well as the incredible need for Aboriginal education to be taught to non-Aboriginal students.

I hope to be a part of that discourse, but if not, I hope that, at the very least, it happens. Our children, all of our children, deserve better.