Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm Not the Indian You Had in Mind

Hello everyone. I'm a fan of Thomas King, author of The Truth About Stories. His writing is insightful and it deconstructs the understanding of First Nations people by juxtaposing the stereotype with the actual Indian, usually him, in that book. I have quoted or paraphrased him extensively in the past, as you are no doubt aware.
I found this short film tonight, it is a spoken word documentary that looks at the stereotypes. It is worth h a watch. The link takes you to the NSI site where the video is embedded. I couldn't get it to embed here, sadly, but that's okay. The site also includes his Director's Statement (where I got the word "juxtapose" above, I suspect).

I'm Not the Indian You Had in Mind - National Screen Institute - Canada (NSI)

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