Saturday, December 29, 2012

Personal Interlude: My 2012

So...2012. Didn't like it very much, medical leave and unemployment were huge features of the year. At the same time, there were a couple of positives that I hadn't considered, but they are, or were, I guess.

1. In April, I went to FanExpo Vancouver. This is the type of event that I would normally long to go to but then would not buy a ticket and regret it afterwards. This year I went. I had fun. I met Lou Ferrigno.

2. I had the opportunity, or unexpected last minute panic depending on your point of view, to sit down on a computer and edit six two-minute webisodes from hours of behind-the-scenes footage from the second season of Back in the Day. My editing skills are rudimentary at best, I don't know what crossing your axis means but I enjoyed it and would like to learn more. You can check them out at

3. During my medical leave, I had the good fortune to be interviewed for an article that appeared in newspapers across the country. It left a lot out, I did speak to the guy for over an hour, but it felt good to be able to address the issue of Aboriginal Education at a level seen across the country. It was a good article, and starts with "Robert Genaille was not a big fan of teachers." :) This also had the added benefit of my Mom getting to hear from people who would say, "Are you any relation to Robert Genaille?" She loved it. At any rate, check it out here:  (I specifically found a Maritime paper's website, I'm shameless.)

4. For the first time, I've been in online conversations about Aboriginal Education issues and, in asking questions to get the other person's understandings, been sent links to my own writing. That was just sort of fun.

5. I went on a couple dates this past year. That's actually significant. I'm not a social animal. Really.

6. As part of my getting better, I've started going to the gym and exercising. I've lost twenty-five pounds to date and seem to have been plateaued for a really long time, and truthfully, I've really struggled the last couple of months with my attendance and my endurance there, but I did find that through the Christmas holiday, I didn't gain any weight, which is good. I am trying to get back into it properly and I am still fighting a losing battle with french fries but I am still fighting it, so that's something.

7. I actually took part in a protest with Idle No More. I've never done something like that before. I'm hoping I do so again. I think this one is important.

8. I've been afforded the opportunity to return to the first school I had the privilege to teach in. It's very exciting.

9. I still think I will be playing with my camera more and try and make something.

It has felt like a rough year, but I guess not awful. Happy New Year everyone.

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