Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Commemorative Colouring Book for the Legacy of Residential Schools?

I was torn on this resource I received in the school mail from AANDC.  A copy of the Residential School Apology accompanied by colouring books featuring the Parliamentary stained glass window commemorating the Legacy of Residential Schools.
The books contain pieces of the window to colour, cut out and assemble into replicas of the commemoration that you could then put up in your classroom, or wherever, and are supposed to raise awareness about the residential school experience and the apology.

I thought it was a little crass.

But, a couple of my secondary students saw it on the desk I was using and asked about it.  I explained briefly and asked what they thought of the idea.  Did it marginalize or make light of the experience or did it open up a way to talk about it?
They were intrigued by the colouring books.  To be able to cut out and make your own window opened up the possibility of owning the commemoration, the individual panels offered a way into the history that was both somewhat safe and accessible.  "What does this picture mean?"  They argued that it offered the opening to tell the story behind the panel (though that isn't provided), and the chance to learn about the experiences (I have great students).

I am trying to decide how best to use it and would be interested in hearing your thoughts about it.  I also would love to hear what you think of the book.  Good idea?   Bad idea?  Leave a comment below,or a tweet me @rvgenaille.

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