Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Savages: Why Aboriginal Education Matters

Just a short video highlighting some of the recent online commentary, against Idle No More, I put together to remind you of why Aboriginal Education is important in Canada.  Set to Growing Pains, an excellent song by two former students of mine, Darren "Statt" Florence and Trevor "Bigg Phresh" Florence.  I think the images complement the song, which I have used repeatedly to share a story of the lived experience of First Nations' youth but also to illustrate the larger issues of colonialism and the ongoing legacy of residential schools.


  1. Although I struggled to watch you collect and post examples of the ignorant and racist words of some people... your collection has shows why we must educate and honour differences in our schools. We talk about tolerance and acceptance but I still see this as when a dominant culture is willing to be "ok" with another culture. If we start to talk about honour, pride, and understanding - maybe we can see a generation of people that stand up for each other more. We cannot generalize the opinions of trolls as the opinions of many... but we cannot sit and watch. We need to stand up and support each other. ALthough this references Idle No More... the way Aboriginal People have been treated by their Canadian peers makes Idle No More that much more important. Thanks for your leadership in helping others to understand the importance of Aboriginal Education and understanding.

  2. I had to work up the nerve to watch this because I knew it would be painful and just watched it now for the first time. You're kind for blotting out their names. This is a good resource to pull out if someone ever tells me that racism isn't really a problem anymore.

  3. Sitting here with my mouth hanging open in disbelief. Many of the people making these statements had many spelling mistakes, that aside, I am shocked that people would post this type of garbage. I am interested in showing this to my students, many of whom are First Nations and see what they think. Wow, is all I can say! WOW, REALLY????????? (Said in a mom's tone of voice)