Monday, February 11, 2013

Be a Part of @Starleigh_Grass 's #sd78 Workshop

Hello everyone!

On Friday, February 15th, 2013 my colleague Starleigh Grass will be presenting workshop Bitterroot as a Metaphor for Indigenous Education in my school district: Fraser Cascade School District.  Starleigh is an education blogger and tweeter and can be found at @starleigh_grass on Twitter or at, an excellent resource for those of you who should all be working to integrate Indigenous content into your classrooms and curriculum.

I will be introducing and Hosting Starleigh for this workshop (I don't know what hosting means, so it should be interesting.  I suspect it means making sure she has water in case she gets thirsty, but who knows).  In any case, I will be live-tweeting the workshop under the hashtag #sd78, and reading out any comments or questions that you may have for Starleigh on the topic we are covering.  That's right, it's your chance to get interactive and involved with the Bitterroot workshop.  There are several areas where we will be inviting audience participation and I will use this time to read any tweets you have for me out to the audience.

"The workshop also pauses to discuss three overarching inquiry questions:
1. If the roots of educational inequality are the invisibility of Indigenous thought and contributions in education as well as a history of education for assimilation, what are the solutions?
2. How can we hold our institutions accountable for decolonizing/indigenizing education?
3. What role do I play in decolonizing education?"

If for whatever reason you can't sit in on the live-tweet or attend the session, we will be doing a Twitter mailbag, using the #sd78 hashtag.  Just ask your question, share your discussion point regarding the above questions and I will check them out before the beginning of the session and put it all together for discussion.  Check out the following links to learn more about Starleigh's presentation if you can't make it: Bitterroot as a metaphor for locally contextualized curriculum reform and
Bitterroot as a Metaphor for Decolonizing Education .

Looking forward to hearing from you.  Starleigh will be writing up a summary and posting about it.  I might too. Let's take over the #sd78 hashtag on Friday to discuss decolonization.


  1. Haha, I don't know exactly what hosting is either. I thought you were introducing me and then staying for the whole thing so I figured that's kind of like hosting. It sounds more welcoming so when you wrote "introducing" in my head I heard "hosting." Life of a travelling educational consultant, I just make things up that I want to hear!