Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Growin' Pains &

Hey everybody!
I just wanted to announce that I have opened a companion site at where I can add the odd bit of music or other audio that I have trouble putting up on this site.
If you were to head over there now, you will find the song "Growin' Pains" by the group Dollaz N Sense, the song by my former students which inspired my Masters Comps.
Or click on the link below from my Twitter timeline:

Audio: It is sometimes surprising how one moment, or one song can change your whole understanding of your...

I haven't figured out yet how I will link the two, so for now on the Twitter, if you see the shortened link, you can know to go there (or maybe not, I am thinking of starting a non-Ab Ed related blog to indulge my other passions, Star Wars, Doctor Who, The Simpsons, filmmaking and so on), or I will post a link on here and do it that way, etc, etc.

We'll figure something out.  Enjoy the song.  I love it.

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