Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reflecting on a Break

**Update** The vacation fell through and I ended up working on the show after all, living out in the bush with our participants.  I actually really enjoyed myself, it was a lot of fun, although I admit I hated the mosquitoes and that first shower I was able to get, about halfway through production was the best shower I've ever had.

Seeing as how I am stranded in a coffee shop in Chilliwack because of a mudslide, I thought I would jot down this little note.
It is the end of the school year and I will be stepping back from the education side of things a little bit to focus on the filmmaking thing.  In fact, tomorrow, I am leaving for Alberta with the production team to work on Back in the Day Season 2.  By work, I mean I am driving out with them and bringing stuff out, my job is already more or less done and I will be revisiting some of my old haunting grounds while the crew and participants are on location.  I used to leave near Edmonton when I was going to school before I took my B.Ed.
As well, except for the ongoing search for employment, I have been sitting back and reflecting lately on the need to find more balance in my life and I am going to stop thinking about just Aboriginal education advocacy for a little bit and focus on rediscovering my other passions and a life outside of this narrow focus I have been on. 
I will be posting any Ab Ed or Aboriginal items that pique my interest on
At any rate, thank you for sharing with me and allowing me this space for the discourse.  Have a good summer.

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